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  • TEDx Chennai 2012 – October, 2012

    TEDx is a conference that brings people together from the worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design on an ideas sharing platform – demonstrating that powerful ideas have the ability to change the world and make it a better place. Inno GeoCity was one of the sponsors for TEDx Chennai 2012 themed on 'Life by Design'.
  • Duchess Club Car Rally – July 2012

    Inno GeoCity was the co-sponsor of the Duchess Club car rally held during July 2012. It was an all women car rally that began at the popular Savera hotel with Inno GeoCity as the finish point. With active participation from club members, its success served as yet another step towards women's emancipation.
    Duchess Club Car Rally
  • Corporate Sports Olympiad 2010-12

    Inno GeoCity has been sponsoring the Corporate Sports Olympiad for the last 3 years. Dubbed the biggest inter-corporate sporting event in Chennai, it is a multi-disciplinary sporting event conducted over a month on weekends. Through the sponsorship of this event, Inno GeoCity hopes to foster a sporting culture among corporate employees.
    Corporate Sports Olympiad